The Secretly Married Girl Group Member, MAXIM Model, And Accused Scammer Who Disappeared From The K-Pop Industry

She went though so much during her time in the industry.

Many K-Pop stars have gone through public scandals, but many may not recall when a female K-Pop idol dealt with netizens finding out about her marriage while being accused of being a scammer.

In 2015, DR Music’s group RaNia underwent another line-up change, adding three new members — Hyeme, Seulji (now known as Zi.U), and Alex Reid, the first black woman to join a K-Pop group. The three made their official debut as members with the release of “Demonstrate.”


While RaNia underwent a name change to BP RaNia and underwent more line-up changes, Hyeme remained in the group. She once made headlines for a sexy photoshoot with MAXIM Korea in 2018 before sharing that she was the only person still in BP RaNia by 2020.

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| MAXIM Korea
| MAXIM Korea

On October 16, 2020, the group re-debuted as BLACKSWAN featuring a new line-up plus Hyeme. Their album, Goodbye RaNia, signed what should have been a completely new start in the industry for Hyeme, but it turned out not to be so.

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In early November 2020, Hyeme was accused of fraud by a man who claimed that she borrowed ₩50.0 million KRW (about $38,300 USD) from him before cutting off contact. He claimed they became friends, during which time he developed feelings for her, leading to him paying expenses like rent.

Hyeme announced her departure from the group on November 17, apologizing to the members of BLACKSWAN and fans.

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Ultimately, Hyeme would be found not guilty of fraud, though not before it was revealed she was in the midst of a divorce from her husband, whom she married before her debut as a member of RaNia.

Former Black Swan’s Hyeme Revealed To Have Secretly Been Married During Promotions

These days Hyeme has stayed out of the entertainment spotlight for the most part, though she has remained active on her Instagram account, where she shares posts about her newest hobby, golfing!

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