Former Black Swan’s Hyeme Revealed To Have Secretly Been Married During Promotions

Her agency had no clue.

It was revealed that Black Swan‘s former member, Hyeme, who left the group due to a fraud scandal, had been secretly married during the group promotions and is currently in the midst of a divorce from her husband. Previously, she was outed by a former fan that had been financially supporting her during her time as an idol and had left the group, although she denied the claims.

According to legal representatives, a case had been filed by a 30 year old man against Hyeme, seeking a divorce. According to the husband, they had registered for marriage in June 2020. Hyeme had only left the group in November 2020, when her scandal had broken out. They had been married for over a year. It was claimed by the husband that it was on Hyeme that the marriage was ruined.

DR Music, Hyeme’s former agency, stated that they could get into contact with Hyeme and her exclusive contract had ended. They claim to not have known about the marriage and that if they knew, she would not have been a part of the group. DR Music has all rights to sue Hyeme for damages.

Source: SBS
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