NU’EST’s Humble Beginnings Animated In Cartoon Will Make You Awwww

The cartoons are super cute!

NU’EST members may not be the most artistic, as displayed by the cake from hell, but they have L.O.V.Es with major skills when it comes to fan arts! A series of NU’EST members animated into cartoon characters is going viral, not just for being cute but also for retelling the group’s humble beginnings.


The first artwork shows NU’EST’s JR taking a Seoul-bound bus from Gangneung, a city on the east coast of Korea. JR was casted on his way home from his middle school, by a manager who was searching for new talent in Gangneung after having a premonition-type dream about the city. The cartoon JR has a Squirtle tail because he is well known to resemble the turtle Pokémon.


The second shows JR meeting REN for the first time. When REN was signed to the agency, he was told that “another trainee who looks like Won Bin is waiting at the dorm”… but instead he found a baby Squirtle, peeping from the top bunk in the bedroom. The cartoon REN has bunny ears, because NU’EST fans think something about him is very bunny-rabbit-ish. Here’s to the first moment when REN found his fellow trainee, who would later become his best friend and teammate.


The third artwork shows Baekho joining the team. Baekho, whose stage name given by Uee means “White Tiger”, came all the way from Jeju-do, an island to the south of the Korean peninsula. Until he was casted and signed to the agency, Baekho had never learned how to sing or dance – which is surprising, considering that he is the main vocalist of the group now! The cartoon well captured the awkward air around the three kids who had no idea how amazing they would eventually become.


The fourth is of Minhyun. The cartoon retold the story of Baekho once cooking for him. Minhyun’s animated character has fox ears – because Minhyun, with his sharp and defined facial features, is often compared to that of a fennec fox. Fans can’t get enough of how accurate these cartoons are at portraying the members’ appearances and personalities!


And the fifth artwork showed Aron having a blast in the snow. Aron is from Los Angeles, California where the weather is an endless summer and sees no snow. He saw the white flurries falling from the sky for the first time when he moved to Seoul to train with the rest of the boys! Aron has dog ears, or welsh corgi ears to be specific, because Aron-corgi is very much a thing for L.O.V.Es.


The last of the cartoons show NU’EST’s debut day in 2012. The animation closely copies the actual outfits that the members wore to promote their very first album and track, “FACE“. These pieces of artwork are giving NU’EST fans some major throwback chills!

Source: THEQOO