NU’EST Ren Crying May Be The Most Beautiful Thing You See This Whole Week

If only we looked this beautiful while cry

NU’EST Ren recently held a concert with his members to celebrate before their official comeback as a full group.


The group has had a long journey throughout their career, seeing their lowest lows before finally seeing their hard work paid off since Produce 101 Season 2.


During the concert, all of the members got emotional and Ren began to get teary eyed.


Then in the middle of their performance, Ren couldn’t help but shed soft tears down his cheeks. And it was beautiful!


Fans couldn’t get over how beautiful he looked while crying. Although it was such an emotional atmosphere, they were in awe by his beauty!


Many fans and netizens couldn’t get over how Ren’s visuals were off the charts that night!


What’s more heartwarming was to see his members come to comfort Ren as he seemed unable to control his tears.


The older members circled around their maknae as they embraced each other.


And that is the beauty of NU’EST!


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Source: Nate Pann