Nurse ARMY Had The Most Hilarious Comment About BTS Jungkook’s Forearms

No one ever thought of it like this before!

BTS‘s Jungkook get many reactions for anything he does, and his arms aren’t immune to the amount of attention. But one ARMY who works as a nurse had the most unique reaction about his arms.

After seeing photos of Jungkook’s forearms that are bulging with masculine blood veins, the nurse commented, “Wow… I’m… a registered nurse and.. anyone would be able to find his veins even when throwing the needle from 1m away.

Nurses often have to draw blood from patients, which means they need to accurately find their veins which can sometimes be difficult to find.

But considering how large and in-your-face Jungkook’s forearm veins are, she claims she’d be able to draw his blood from even 1m away!

And to be honest, no one can disagree with that! Just look at Jungkook’s bulging forearms and hands!

Even while doing the most casual activities, such as strolling, cooking, or simply standing, his veins just don’t know when to quit!

But that’s what you get when you’re the muscle pig of BTS!

Source: Nate Pann