OH MY GIRL’s Mimi, Arin, Seunghee And Binnie Reveal Their Individual Apartments For The First Time

They were finally allowed to move out of the dorms.

OH MY GIRL recently revealed on a reality show that the members had moved out of the shared dorm into individual apartments. Except for YooA and Jiho, who both live with their parents, the rest of the girls have been given small one room apartments to live in.

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Binnie, Seunghee, Mimi and Arin all live in the same building, although they live on different floors. Currently the building only has 5 tenants – the 4 of them and the building owner himself. Here is how each of the girls have decorated their individual spaces.

1. Mimi

Mimi’s room is very much like her personality – outgoing yet with a flair. She even has a drum set in her living room area! All the girls apartments have a small kitchenette in the main room, and a smaller room next to the toilet. Mimi uses her smaller room as a dressing area.

She smartly partitions the sleeping area from the living room with a platform and shelves. Way to make use of the small space smartly!

2. Binnie

Binnie’s room is incredibly practical, and decorated in chic gray. Her bedroom is in the smaller room, while the outside area is used as a living room and kitchen.

She has a fully stocked fridge, as it was shared the members often go over for meals as she is the best at cooking.

3. Seunghee

Seunghee’s room is as bright and bubbly as herself. She has decorated it with a sunflower motif and yellow accents. She also has many frames and polaroids up on her walls. If you’ve noticed, she has both a bed and wide sofa to lie on! The sofa has a cute blanket shaped like a fried egg.

Seunghee has a unique habit of blow-drying her hair above the kitchen sink to prevent dripping of water on her floor. She says the sink is underused as she only washes fruit in it. Most of the time, she eats over at Binnie’s.

4. Arin

Arin’s room is as pure and white as her! from an all-white bed to white furniture, the room looks more spacious already. She uses the smaller room as a dressing room area, complete with a huge wardrobe.

She doesn’t need a sofa, with how huge her bed is! The television is also conveniently right at the foot of her bed.

Previously we shared how Hyojung had set up her room as she lives in an officetel building separate from the others. She shared that the buildings were still close enough for her to frequently visit.

It is nice to see that the girls can live apart from each other after 5 years into their career, as personal space is a definite must!