Olivia Hussey Reacts to Oh My Girl Jiho’s Flawless Impersonation of Olivia Hussey

Fans couldn’t believe it was actually Olivia Hussey herself.

Legendary British actress, Olivia Hussey has responded to Oh My Girl Jiho‘s impersonation of her on Twitter.

Jiho recently appeared on MBC’s Kim Shin Young Noon’s Song of Hope where she was compared to the legendary actress because of her hairdo.

When she was told that she looked like Olivia Hussey with her dark hair, Jiho posed in a way that reminded many of the legendary actress.

And as soon as Olivia Hussey saw the clip herself on Twitter, she didn’t hesitate to respond.

She approved of Jiho’s flawless impersonation using heart emoticons.

But many fans couldn’t believe that it was actually Olivia Hussey herself until she confirmed it in a following response.

Yes, it’s really me.

– Olivia Hussey

Olivia Hussey is a legendary actress known for her famous role in Romeo and Juliet.

But she’s also known to have an interest in K-Pop.

Back in 2015, Olivia Hussey shared a photo of Girl’s Day Minah which paid tribute to her role in Romeo and Juliet.

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Who else is loving this interaction?

Source: Dispatch