Olympic Figure Skater Cha Jun Hwan Garners Hot Attention For His Surprising Past Involving Actress Jin Ji Hee

The two have a decade old history together!

Cha Jun Hwan is slowly, but surely proving himself to be South Korea’s hottest “it” star, as he continues to take over headlines with his handsome visuals and figure skating skills. The talented figure skater recently placed fourth at the 2022 Beijing Olympics, further solidifying his top star status.

Olympic figure skater, Cha Jun Hwan.

And as he relishes in his newfound popularity and success, however, comes an adorable piece of his past involving a well-known actress.

Back in 2011, SBS launched a figure skating reality program titled Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry. The ice dancing competition series involved partnering one professional skater with a star celebrity skater with the nation’s figure skater, Kim Yuna as the host and judge of the program. The show involved an impressive star cast, such as f(x)‘s KrystalTVXQ‘s YunhoIU, and more.

IU (left) and Krystal Jung (right) on “Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry” | SBS

Amongst the many impressive professional skaters, however, was one particular contestant that stood out to the viewers—and it was none other than Cha Jun Hwan!

11-year-old Cha Jun Hwan on “Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry” | SBS

Only 11-years-old at the time, Cha Jun Hwan took on the role of being a professional skater while his star celebrity skater partner ended up being actress, Jin Ji Hee.

Actress Jin Ji Hee.

The two adorable skaters gave it their absolute all, as they poured out their heart and soul for each episode on Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry. However, it was one particular episode that started making headlines due to Jin Ji Hee and Cha Jun Hwan’s “bickering.”

During one of their practice sessions, Cha Jun Hwan could be seen leading Jin Ji Hee around on the ice rink. The now-Olympic skater showed off his impressive skills, even at his young back then, taking the lead and sharing his ice skating knowledge with the actress.

Jin Ji Hee (black) and Cha Jun Hwan (red) on “Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry” | SBS

However, it didn’t take long for Cha Jun Hwan’s strict figure skating coaching skills to kick in. Just a few minutes into their practice, he adorably “scolded” his partner by telling her that she needs to practice more—specifically “20 times a day.”

Cha Jun Hwan to Jin Ji Hee: “You have to practice 20 times a day at the ice rink!”

While she was trying her absolute hardest, Jin Ji Hee couldn’t hold in her frustrations and shared her disappointment with her teacher.

You’re a professional and I’m a beginner. You can’t get mad at me and teach like that!

— Jin Ji Hee

During a solo interview shot, the actress shared her ongoing frustrations, explaining how Cha Jun Hwan shot her a look of anger during their practice.

Jin Ji Hee impersonating Cha Jun Hwan’s angry look.

He shot me an angry look, like this.

— Jin Ji Hee

However, it wasn’t just the adorable actress who was frustrated with the situation. Cha Jun Hwan also shared his perspective about their “clashing personalities.”

11-year-old Cha Jun Hwan.

I don’t know if we have clashing personalities, but…

— Cha Jun Hwan

As the “tension” between the two young skaters remained on the ice, Jin Ji Hee couldn’t keep her cool any longer. As Cha Jun Hwan continued to “scold” her, she eventually left the ice rink to calm herself down. A confused Cha Jun Hwan could be seen following her in defeat.

Caption: “She eventually left the ice rink.”

And while the two lovable stars had their little misunderstanding during practice, they were able to make up and finish up their routine with no hiccups!

Cha Jun Hwan and Jin Ji Hee’s performance.

Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry was over a decade ago but now, Cha Jun Hwan is an Olympian figure skater while Jin Ji Hee is one of South Korea’s sweetest actresses. What a glow-up!

Source: WikiTree and theqoo

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