ONCEs Are Comparing One Of TWICE Dahyun’s Interview Looks To “Squid Game,” And We Can’t Unsee It

Can you see the similarities?

TWICE’s Dahyun has blessed us with lots of iconic Halloween looks over the years, and it looks like she might have just found her next one!

TWICE’s Dahyun | @twicetagram/Instagram

TWICE recently did an interview with online shopping platform Shopee, and all of the members rocked orange and white outfits.

TWICE during their Shopee interview | @satzufancy/Twitter

Dahyun wore an orange dress over a white shirt, and she looked stunning as always.

| Shopee Philippines/YouTube

TWICE’s interview took place a few days before Squid Game premiered on Netflix, and ONCEs couldn’t help noticing that the creepy “Red Light, Green Light” doll’s outfit looked familiar once they started watching the K-Drama.

| Netflix

Although the doll’s shirt was yellow and Dahyun’s was white, the two outfits were similar enough to remind ONCEs of TWICE’s interview with Shopee.

The fandom even created edits of Dahyun as the “Red Light, Green Light” doll.

TWICE has seen the edits of Dahyun as the doll, and they want her to dress up as her for Halloween. During their Blueroom interview with Twitter, Dahyun revealed that Momo sent the fan edit to their group chat and Jihyo made it her profile picture.

| Twitter

If Dahyun hasn’t settled on a Halloween costume yet, it looks like ONCEs and the rest of TWICE have got an iconic one picked out for her!

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