ONCEs Are Touched By Jihyo And Mina’s High Five Dance Step

ONCEs are crying because of how touching this moment is!

TWICE‘s Mina has not been joining TWICE’s activities for a while, so when she decided to join the rest of the members on stage for the first time in a while, ONCEs were very overwhelmed with good feelings.

While Mina was gone, TWICE continued to promote and perform stages with 8 members.

Because Mina was resting, the group had to make small changes in the choreography in order to fill Mina’s absence.

In the past months Jihyo had to dance a move from “Dance The Night Away” wherein she needed to give Mina a high-five. However, because Mina was resting and wasn’t with the group for their performances in the last couple of months, Jihyo gave the air a high five instead.

When TWICE finally performed “Dance The Night Away” with 9 members after a while, Jihyo was finally able to give Mina a high-five again, and complete the dance move.

ONCEs have been really emotional about Mina’s surprise appearance, and are extremely proud of her for being such a strong girl!