There Is One Reason Why GOT7’s Youngjae Can Never Forget The First Time He Met BamBam

He’ll never ever forget.

They say it takes only 7 seconds for you to make a strong first impression and according to, GOT7‘s Youngjae it really is true. At least that’s how it was when he first met BamBam!


Although it’s been years since all seven members met for the first time, Youngjae can still clearly remember his first ever encounter with BamBam because it was incredibly… unique.


in 2017, the group made an appearance on the New Yang Nam Show and revealed the most shocking moment of their dorm life together, but it turned out Youngjae and BamBam had the same story. Which just so happened to be the story of how the two of them first met.


It all started when Youngjae headed to the dorms for the very first time, BamBam thought he’d pull a prank on his hyungs by going completely naked!

I just came out of the shower and I was only wearing a towel and my underwear when I heard something. It sounded like someone pressing the password numbers so I was like, it must be my hyungs. So as a prank I took off my underwear and was like this.

— BamBam

But he was greeted by a stranger instead! It was Youngjae’s first day and he got quite a shock when he encountered a completely naked BamBam. He really didn’t know what to think!

So I was like, how should I react? Has JYP always been this kind of place?

— Youngjae


And it didn’t help that BamBam was in shock either!

And originally when you’re surprised you be like, ‘Woah’ and cover up right? But I just kept going. I think he was really shocked.

— BamBam


While the moment was embarrassing to both idols, Youngjae proved that it’s certainly not a moment that he’ll ever let BamBam live down. In December 2018, GOT7 held a livestream to promote their album repackage “Present: You & Me”.


During one segment, BamBam asked the members if they remembered their first day at JYP Entertainment and much to BamBam’s embarrassment, Youngjae did. After once again telling everyone about his surprising encounter…

On my first day as a trainee, when I first came to our dorm, BamBam opened the door and I could only see one color on his body.

— Youngjae


And Mark’s revelation about BamBam’s “birthday suit”…

In English, it’s called your birthday suit. On the day of your birth, you’re wearing this.

— Mark


Youngjae revealed exactly what his first impression of BamBam was.

First impression… I was thinking, ‘Are all the guys here like this? Is this how they welcome me?’

— Youngjae

Since Youngjae still vividly remembers the moment all these years later it’s probably safe to say that he will never forget it nor will he ever let BamBam forget it either!


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