This Is One Thing TWICE’s Tzuyu Was Confused About When Coming To Korea

One thing about Korean culture that confused Tzuyu.

TWICE‘s Tzuyu is originally from Tainan, Taiwan and moved to Korea to pursue her dream of being a K-Pop star in 2012. She debuted in 2015 and now has lived in Korea for almost 7 years! When asked about what confused her about Korean culture, she gave a shocking response!

She revealed that she was confused about the importance of bloodtypes! In Taiwan, bloodtypes are not commonly used when introducing ones self, but in Korea, it is believed that someones bloodtype links to their personality and is mentioned even when introducing yourself to another person!

Ever since I came to Korea, Koreans always ask about bloodtypes.

– Tzuyu

She was once asked about how she felt about being bloodtype A, to which Tzuyu gave this hilarious response,

I don’t really know about bloodtypes, so I have no idea what the characteristics of each bloodtype are. I never really thought I was an A… I’m sorry, sorry! (laughs)

Fellow member Nayeon has stated that people who have bloodtype A are known to be timid, but also assertive and pretty. This is true with Tzuyu, as she is known to be both shy and quiet as well as straight-forward, with Nayeon saying that Tzuyu always knows what she wants. And the pretty part? Well, that speaks for itself.

Source: Pann