Ong Seong Wu Comes Clean After Being Zapped By The Lie Detector… Twice

“I am nothing.”

At his recent fan meeting held January 11, 2020, former Wanna One member turned soloist Ong Seong Wu came face to face with the almighty lie detector toy. His reaction to the moment of truth has WELOs falling in love with him all over again!


As soon as he found the lie detector toy on the table, Ong Seong Wu became intimidated. These lie detectors do come with a great history of zapping K-Pop idols out of their minds.


To Ong Seong Wu’s extreme nervousness, the fan meeting host Kim Shin Young asked if he believes he is more on the sexy side than the cute side. When Ong Seong Wu hesitantly answered, “Y… Yes… Se… exy, yes”…


… he was zapped.


Cheeky Kim Shin Young decided to ask him the same question again — to which, Ong Seong Wu opted to answer differently this time!

Cu… Cute… I am really cute…!

— Ong Seong Wu


When the lie detector zapped him again, for calling himself cute, Ong Seong Wu realized his fate. He gave up and immediately claimed himself, “Nothing”.

I am nothing, everyone. I am not anything.

— Ong Seong Wu


WELOs agree that the lie detector must have been a defective one because Ong Seong Wu is both sexy AND cute. But they also send a huge thanks to the faulty toy for leaving them this:

Yes, I am so very average.

— Ong Seong Wu


Watch the full clip here: