Here’s How Ong Seong Wu’s Emotional Scene Was Filmed, But It’s Not What You Expect

Fans are totally impressed by the duality.

For the K-Drama At Eighteen, Ong Seong Wu is pouring his heart and soul out on camera to best portray his complex role of the high school student Choi Jun Woo. In fact, his intense and emotional acting in the last few episodes, involving a death of the character’s good friend and the complications around that, really shed light on Ong Seong Wu’s potential to become a leading male actor in the industry.


But when the producers released a “Behind-the-Scene” making of the drama video on YouTube, fans realized Ong Seong Wu was still Ong Seong-UWU and even right before shooting the most emotional scene, he was the life of the party on set.


While rehearsing the scene where Ong Seong Wu grows outraged and punches his bully Ma Hwi Young (played by actor Shin Seung Ho), which actually ended up breaking the drama’s record of its highest viewer ratings, Ong Seong Wu was everything but serious.

Ong Seong Wu Sets Highest Viewer Ratings With His Emotional Scene In “At Eighteen”


Ong Seong Wu playfully threw his punches around and made everyone on-set smile. His punches looked completely harmless…


… and he was nothing but the soft Ong Seong Wu we know.


After watching this making video, however, fans grew even more impressed by Ong Seong Wu’s ability to go from the softest “Seal Ong” to the deeply broken Choi Jun Woo in just a matter of seconds!

I was wondering how they filmed this scene… This kind of behind-the-scenes was not what I was expecting though.

— Netizen

I’m sorry, this is… so different from what was aired though??? LOL.

— Netizen

HAHA, I was expecting him to be super emotional and serious even off the camera… trying to prepare himself mentally for this scene. But I guess not?! He’s so cute.

— Netizen


It is with an eye-catching duality like this that Ong Seong Wu continues to receive praise for his acting skills that are “unlike and unexpected from idols-turned-actors”. Thanks to Ong Seong Wu’s amazing talent, and a story line that is starting to pick up on romance between Ong Seong Wu’s character and actress Kim Hyang Gi‘s, viewers can’t wait for the next episodes of At Eighteen to air!


Watch the full behind-the-scenes clip below: