Owner of BTS V’s Favorite Bracelet Brand Reveals How He Turned Her Business Around

“This is the colossal impact that BTS have in the world right now…”

Back in August 2019, BTS‘s V trended and sold out a certain hand-braided bracelet — after being photographed in various styles.

ARMYs fell in love with the brand, CCNMADE, not only because V “unofficially endorsed” its bracelets, but also because it became known that the brand’s profit goes to help dogs and cats in need as well as children with heart disease.

Twitter @ccnmade

In a recent interview with Arirang, CCNMADE’s founder and designer Choi Chang Nam revealed that at first, she didn’t want people to find out about the brand. She was grateful for V’s patronage, of course, but she wasn’t sure that it could make a difference. The doubt came from the years of slow business CCNMADE suffered. While the brand has been manually producing these unique bracelets since 1993, but the business never really took off because of “copy cat companies that mass produced similar designs”.

In fact, Choi Chang Nam admitted, she felt rather hopeless about the business.

I was on the brink of giving up. I decided this year would be my last push. The three stores I opened would be my final effort — and if that doesn’t work, then that would be the end, I said.

— Choi Chang Nam

Then, an ARMY employee insisted that the brand takes this as a chance to get the name seen. She tagged #CCNMADE in V’s pictures showcasing the bracelet — and like that, a single hashtag “became a turning point” and completely changed the dynamic for Choi Chang Nam.

She tagged #OurBracelet and #CCNMADE… and it blew up. That was in August but we are still receiving orders from that rush. And even though we’re facing an unprecedented trying time with COVID-19 happening, we believe we’ll make it through this too.

— Choi Chang Nam

The brand is now hiring more employees to keep up with the endless domestic and international orders to be packed and shipped. Choi Chang Nam thanked V for shedding light on independent small businesses like hers and, in turn, making the world a better place by donating to good causes.

I guess this is the colossal impact that BTS have in the world right now. I’m really grateful.

— Choi Chang Nam

Interested in supporting? International orders for CCNMADE are processed through the official Twitter account.

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