P1Harmony’s Keeho Reveals What He Likes The Most About Himself

Even though he has a specific answer, all of Keeho’s features are charming!

On May 9, P1Harmony gave P1ece a special treat when they did a special interview with People‘s YouTube channel for their “K-Pop Quiz” series.

Video thumbnail for “Which P1Harmony Member is the Most Gullible?” | People/YouTube

The six-member group is currently in the United States for the second half of their “P1USTAGE H: PEACE” tour. As they travel around the U.S, the group took every opportunity to create new content for fans.

In the video, the members took turns asking each other juicy questions by randomly drawing names and question slips out of buckets.

A few of the questions were deeper in nature, such as when Jongseob was asked about his childhood dream career.

Question “What did Jongseob want to be when they were young?” | People/YouTube

Other questions were on the sillier side, such as when Intak and Jiung dueled it out in a Rock Paper Scissors battle to determine who would claim victory.

Question “Between you and Intak who would win at Rock Paper Scissors?” | People/YouTube

When it was Soul‘s turn to ask a question, he got to ask leader Keeho about which feature he likes the most about himself.

Question “What is Keeho’s favorite feature about themselves?” | People/YouTube

In response, Keeho asked Soul to guess what he thought was the correct answer.

First Soul guessed that Keeho likes his teeth the most.

While that wasn’t quite correct, Keeho took the opportunity to flash a swoonworthy grin.

Then Soul guessed that Keeho prefers his arms.

While he admits that he does enjoy those parts of himself, Keeho responded that he actually likes his eyes

…and his voice the most!

P1ece can’t agree more with Keeho’s answer! Over the years, fans have admired Keeho’s sharp yet alluring eyes.

In addition, Keeho’s amazing vocals and numerous silly memes would not be possible without his iconic voice.

If you are interested in everything else P1Harmony reveals about themselves in their Q&A session, you can watch their full video interview here.

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