The Most Cruelly Eliminated K-Pop Show Contestant — Where Is She Now? 

Even the judges broke down in tears.

K-Pop survival shows have a reputation for being brutal, and for good reason. For some contestants, the final rankings can either make or break their career. The finalists for SIXTEEN, for example, went on to debut in TWICE, one of the most popular K-Pop girl groups of all time.

TWICE | JYP Entertainment

Both viewers and contestants know that not everyone can make the cut, but that doesn’t excuse unethical practices, such as “evil editing” and voting manipulation, or unnecessary cruelty. During her time as a competitor on My Teenage Girl, aspiring star Park Hyo Rim was eliminated not once but twice.

Park Hyo Rim | MBC

After Episode 6’s vote count was announced, host Yoon Kyun Sang revealed that there had been a technical issue with the vote count and apologized for the mistake.

Host Yoon Kyun Sang  | MBC

The actual results determined that contestants Kim Soo Hye, Kim Ri Na, and Yoo Jae Hyun would advance to the next round, but Park Hyo Rim was eliminated…again.

Park Hyo Rim’s second elimination. | MBC

It was a devasting moment for Park Hyo Rim, her fans, and even the judges. Ok Ju Hyun couldn’t hold back her tears.

Judge Ok Ju Hyun crying for Park Hyo Rim | MBC

Unsurprisingly, viewers criticized the show’s production team and MBC for airing the segment.


What has Park Hyo Rim been up to since her elimination? It’s unclear if the former contestant is still pursuing a career in entertainment, but she is active on Instagram, where she posts selfies from her outings…

…and everyday student life.

Although Park Hyo Rim posted a dance video nearly a year ago, showcasing her talent, she has not shared any since then.

Park Hyo Rim will be celebrating her 18th birthday on Christmas Day this year. No matter which career path she chooses, she has a bright future ahead of her!

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