Evil Editing? Korean Netizens Expose Mnet Producer For Treating “Boys Planet” Zhang Shuai Bo Unfairly

Is it evil editing or not?

Boys Planet‘s contestant Zhang Shuai Bo came under fire recently during episode 7. He was accused of being rude and unmotivated during his mission. The episode showed him talking down on groupmate Cha Woonggi and not being passionate about his performance.

If we really can’t pull off [the performance], the show’s producers will help us. There’s no way they’ll just let the four of us stand there stupidly on stage.

— Zhang Shuai Bo, Episode 7

“Boys Planet” Zhang Shuai Bo Gets Criticized For His Attitude Towards The Performance And Fellow Teammate Cha Woonggi

When the episode aired, many criticized his actions, while others were suspicious as Mnet is prone to “evil editing.” Nevertheless, others still claimed that, edited or not, he should have been more careful about his speech.

A few days after the broadcast, a netizen accused the producer of evil editing. The Korean netizen wrote on Nate Pann, an online forum, claiming that Zhang Shuai Bo had gone up against the production team and got targeted as a result.

Nate Pann post. | Nate Pann via theqoo

I asked my friend who works at CJ (Mnet’s umbrella company) why the editing was like that and they said that there was a translation issue during filming and because they couldn’t understand each other, [Zhang Shuai Bo] acted up against the PD. At first, he was asking politely but then, maybe because the production team treated him really badly, he protested while saying something in Chinese like a f*cking bullet train and I think he got targeted [by the PD] after that.

— Netizen

The netizen also uploaded a photo of an entry excess pass to the MBC building as proof. They clarified that although the entry pass is not the same as a work pass, they could not ask their acquaintance who worked at CJ to provide a proof shot as it was technically none of their business. It could also work against their favor at work. The entry pass was obtained when the netizen’s family members went to visit the acquaintance at work.

| Nate Pann via theqoo

They also provided a screenshot of their call log, where they called their acquaintance to ask about the matter.

Contact number named as “CJ [name redacted].” | Nate Pann via theqoo
Twitter netizens began to apologize to Zhang Shuai Bo after finding out the truth.

Bobo, I’m sorry. I’ll do better. I don’t regret having voted for you. Let’s debut.

— CX_oze

He doesn’t speak the language and doesn’t have time to study but the producers just didn’t care. Just how f*cked up they must’ve treated him for him to protest like that.

— dhznohch

On the other hand, others still feel that even if he was edited, there was no denying that he still talked about Cha Woonggi right in front of him, using a language that Woonggi was unable to understand.

| theqoo
  • “It’s not like they edited the voiceover or faked it so he did actually talk bad about a Korean right in front of him… how is that evil editing?”
  • “LOL”
  • “after the rehearsals: The clip was rather quick so I slowed it down and played it again. When he was saying “he” he was indeed pointing at the other member (Cha Woonggi) so why do you think that it’s the PD’s fault?”

With just a few more episodes left to the end of the show, fans are ardently showing their support for their favorite trainees to make sure they get a spot in debut. You can vote for your pick through the Mnet app.

Source: theqoo

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