Park Jihoon Rescues Fan from a Potentially Dangerous Situation

He used very quick reflexes to save her.

On March 2, Park Jihoon had his first independent fan meeting in Taipei called “FIRST EDITION”, where he graced his fans with his radiating presence during the 2-hour long event.

Following the fan meeting, Park Jihoon held an event where he high-fived fans from on stage, but one fan nearly fainted during her high-five out of overwhelming excitement.

Park Jihoon immediately noticed the fan passing out, and responded in a very quick manner by catching her by the hand and helping her stay up.

When this happened, Park Jihoon could be seen holding onto her until the very end while showing a very worried look on his face.

Even after the guards helped her up and escorted her out, Park Jihoon continued to express his concern by constantly checking in her direction.

Luckily, following treatment by the medical team on site, the fan recovered her consciousness and was confirmed to be okay.

Not only did Park Jihoon save her from an incident that could have been a lot more dangerous, but the way he showed concern for his fan warmed the hearts of spectators and proved just how sweet he is.

Source: Insight