Park Jimin Exposes Malicious Netizen for Sexually Harassing Her via DM

Jimin fired back at the malicious netizen.

Park Jimin recently took to her Instagram live to expose a malicious netizen for sexually harassing her via DM.

The conversation Park Jimin revealed reads as follows:

Netizen: Your t**s got so big, Jimin.

Jimin: Shut up, you crazy ba****rd.

Netizen: You shut up, you b**ch.

Jimin: Yeah, well I never said anything. You’re the one that started it.


Netizen: It’s true your t**s got a lot bigger. You’re starting to piss me off.

Jimin: Hahahahaha, are you scared? You deleted it all.

Netizen: Is this your boyfriend?

Jimin: Yeah. Do you think we’re friends now just because I responded to a few of your messages? Get it together. If you’re older than me, there’s really no solution, and if you’re younger, I’ll just assume you havent’ matured yet! And don’t send DMs like that to other celebrities. I hope you realize that just because they don’t respond doesn’t mean they’re putting up with it and moving on. But then again, if you knew that, you wouldn’t have done this in the first place. Putting up with you was tiring. Piss off!

– DM

Prior to this incident, Park Jimin suffered hate comments regarding her recent Instagram uploads, which led her to announce that she will be reporting all malicious comments including those of sexual harassment.

Park Jimin Suffers Hate Comments and Sexual Harassment Following Her Recent Upload


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