Park Myung Soo Gifted Single Mom Sayuri So Much Money, It Made Her Hands Tremble

“I was so surprised that my hands wouldn’t stop shaking.”

Television personality Fujita Sayuri (commonly known as Sayuri) recently made an appearance on Hal Myungsoo, where she came out as Park Myung Soo‘s good friend. As the two entertainers conversed and shared stories about their friendship, one story in particular stood out to viewers.

Sayuri (left) with Park Myung Soo (right) on “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show” | KBS

Sayuri began the story by complimenting Park Myung Soo and his true, warm-hearted nature, where she firmly shared that he is not like his “cold exterior” at all.

Sayuri on “Hal Myungsoo” | JTBC

He may have a cold exterior, but he’s warm on the inside.

— Sayuri

The Japanese television entertainer proceeded by giving a specific example of when she personally experienced his kindhearted personality.


I filmed a radio broadcast with him and when we concluded, he handed me an envelope. I wondered what it was and when I opened it…

— Sayuri

Sayuri shared that the envelope was full of money inside of it!


I saw that there was an amount of money beyond my imagination.

— Sayuri

She continued her story by confessing that the amount of money was so high, her hands began to shake.


I was so surprised that my hands wouldn’t stop shaking.

— Sayuri

While she declined to disclose the specific amount of money she received, the single mother shared that she was able to purchase a few things for her son because of Park Myung Soo’s gift.


With the money, I bought a stroller and I’m saving the rest for my son.

— Sayuri

Sayuri previously made headlines when she shared that she would be having a child through a sperm donor as an unwed, single woman. While she is Japanese, Sayuri has been promoting as an entertainer in South Korea, which may be the reason why her decision initially shocked the nation. Having a child out of wedlock is still viewed as a taboo in the conservative country, especially when there is no male presence in the picture.

Sayuri, however, boldly broke the conservative social norms and chose to conceive through a sperm donor. She proudly shared that while “becoming a single mother was not an easy decision, it is also not a shameful decision.”

| @sayuriakon13/Instagram

She has since given birth to her beautiful, healthy baby boy Zen, with whom she appears on The Return of Superman with. Sayuri made history by becoming the first single parent to appear as a fixed member on the KBS variety program. Although at first, the public was hesitant about her appearance on the show, they eventually warmed up to her after seeing her adorable son.

Sayuri with her son, Zen | @sayuriakon13/Instagram

Park Myung Soo, who has a daughter, must have known about the financial difficulties of raising a child from his personal experience, which may have had a part in his generous decision to share a monetary gift with Sayuri. You can watch Sayuri tell her heartwarming story about Park Myung Soo down below!

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