PENTAGON’s Wooseok Reveals The One Disadvantage Of Being So Tall And It Will Melt Your Heart

He’s their giant baby!

PENTAGON‘s Wooseok has the height that many others could only dream of having.

As the tallest member of PENTAGON, he has a recorded height of 189 cm (6′ 2.4″).

However, during a recent live broadcast, he admitted the one downfall of being so tall.

| Weekly Idol

He revealed his height becomes apparent when he simply wants a hug from his mom!

The thing is… I want to be hugged by my mom, but (because of my height) I end up hugging her.

— Wooseok

| Naver

Because of his height, he ends up being the one dealing out hugs. However, he takes a different route to be the one getting hugged!

So if I ever want to be hugged, I have to get her when she’s lying down.

— Wooseok

| Naver

Despite how big he’s grown, Wooseok is still PENTAGON’s loveable giant maknae!