This “Penthouse” Actor Revealed To Have A Famous Girl Group Idol Older Sister

Whoa, they look so alike!

SBS‘s Penthouse has been making headlines throughout its entire season, constantly impressing netizens left and right. The drama is making headlines again but this time, it is because it has been revealed that one of the actors has a famous idol older sister.

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Actor Ahn Tae Hwan, who played Cheon Seo Young’s husband in the popular SBS drama has been belatedly revealed as EXID Hani‘s younger brother!

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Ahn Tae Hwan made an appearance in Penthouse and played the role of Cheon Seo Young’s husband. Cheon Seo Young is the younger sister of Cheon Seo Jin, who is played by actress Kim So Yeon.

Capture from AsianWiki’s “Penthouse” description | AsianWiki

While it may not be the biggest role, viewers can still see Hani’s younger brother in this scene down below with fellow actors, Kim So Yeon and Yoon Jong Hoon.

Capture from “Penthouse” | SBS

Making his official debut back in 2017 through Lim Chang Jung‘s music video, the actor previously made appearances in dramas Mystic Pop-Up Bar and Dinner Mate before his role in the insanely popular SBS drama, Penthouse.

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While he may be a rookie actor, his impressive abilities prove that acting genes run in the family as Hani started her journey as an actress just last year. They prove that some people can have both the beauty and the brains. What a sibling duo!

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He may not have a ton of work under his belt yet, but we get a feeling we will be seeing more of him on our television screens. We can’t wait to see Ahn Tae Hwan in his future projects!

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