Drama “Penthouse” Kim So Yeon’s Real Life Husband Visited Her On Set And She Became The Cutest Person Ever

She’s so different from her character Cheon Seo Jin!

Kim So Yeon is rising in fame once again after her renowned appearance in the leading drama, Penthouse. While most viewers of the show will be used to the actress with her cold and arrogant stares…

… she actually is a ball of fluff in real life!

Her real-life husband, actor Lee Sang Woo, once came to visit her on set. Although he was there to shoot a quick cameo as a reporter on the show, he made sure to stop by to see his wife.

As soon as she spotted her husband, Kim So Yeon turned into a literal puppy as she immediately started introducing him to everyone on set.

The other actors who play her fiancé and ex-husband on the show were also present, creating a comically awkward situation.

Needless to say, they were amused to see how different Kim So Yeon was on and off camera!

Actor Yoon Jong Hoon, who plays Ha Yoon Cheol, even commented that she was coming way too close to them…

… instead of standing next to her husband.

She adorably giggled…

… and shared that it was because she was shy! Who could’ve ever expected the frightening Cheon Seo Jin to be such a bubbly woman in love!

Catch the full behind-the-scenes clip on SBS‘s channel below.

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