“Penthouse” Actress Lee Ji Ah’s Barbie-Like Proportions Prove She Was Born To Be A Star

How is this even fair??

Penthouse actress Lee Ji Ah has floored the nation with her unreal body proportions.

Actress Lee Ji Ah | @e.jiah/Instagram

The Penthouse actress recently uploaded a photo of herself at an event onto her Instagram story that has been making headlines everywhere! Lee Ji Ah stunned everyone with her insane body proportions in the simple picture. While the actress was dressed somewhat casual in a shirt and a denim skirt, her perfect proportions were hard to ignore.

| @e.jiah/Instagram

While fans always knew the actress was gorgeous, this photo showcases her real-life visuals without the angles or special lighting. The photo above has been making headlines across numerous media sites, as news sites call her proportions “mannequin-like.”

Lee Ji Ah is listed at 168 cm (5’5) and 48 kg (106 lbs,) which may be the unsurprising reason behind her perfect proportions!

| MK Sports

Along with her height and weight combination, her small face and long legs also contribute to her overall perfect body proportions. What a lucky gal!

| Newsen

In related news, the highly anticipated third season of Penthouse will begin on June 4, 2021 so be on the lookout for that.

Source: WikiTree and Image