These People Trolled Everyone By Pretending To Be BIGBANG In The Airport

You’ll need to look twice.

While most of BIGBANG are serving their military duties, fans have understandably missed them. Some Japanese VIPs decided to give fans the Y/N experience and cosplayed as the members of BIGBANG at the airport!

People are freaking out over how uncanny they look, with people noting that if they weren’t already told that the fans were cosplaying, they would believe it’s them.

Many also comment on how realistic Taeyang looks, saying that everything from face structure to the shades is accurate.

The person who cosplayed Daesung is also extremely accurate, getting his walk down to a T.

The cosplayer who dressed as G-Dragon was also spot on, sporting trendy and unique fashion pieces and walking with a swagger, avoiding the gazes of fans and still letting people know he’s G-Dragon.

Many have commended the cosplayer who chose to rep T.O.P, saying that they got his signature stiff walk down. Despite being covered from head to toe, the step is enough to let people know it’s T.O.P.

One also cosplayed as Seungri, sporting a jacket, shades, and a hat. VIPs note how similar their face shapes are.

Fans dearly miss BIGBANG, and now that T.O.P has finished his military service, VIPs are patiently waiting for Daesung, Taeyang, and G-Dragon to be discharged too. Can the comeback come sooner, please?