Perfume Companies Are Absolutely In Love With MONSTA X And Here’s Proof

Then again, who *wouldn’t* be in love with them?

Seeing as MONSTA X is an internationally popular group made up of six stunning visuals, it doesn’t come as a shock that multiple perfume companies have reached out to try and collaborate with them.

As of right now, three members have already been chosen to be faces of luxury perfume brands, each receiving high praise for their modeling skills.

| @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

Most recently, Minhyuk was picked to be a beauty ambassador for Chanel. He was invited to attend their Chanel No. 5 100th anniversary event and made an appearance at the Chanel Factory 5 pop-up store in Seoul.

Minhyuk at the Chanel Factory 5 pop-up location | TOPDAILY
Chanel No. 5 Body Oil | Chanel

I.M was also requested by an extremely famous company and modeled for Versace‘s new Eros Fragrance. In a pictorial for Singles Magazine, I.M showed off his chiseled body as well as the Versace perfume bottle. MONBEBEs rushed to buy it for themselves when they found out that the company would actually be including photo cards with each purchase!

I.M posing for Versace | Singles Magazine

Last but certainly not least is Shownu, who served as the muse for Moschino! With arguably the cutest bear packaging ever, the Moschino Toy2 line was nicknamed “The Shownu Perfume” after it sold out in South Korea following the release of his campaign photos on the back cover of 1st Look Magazine Korea. Not only that, but it was later reported to rank at the very top of the perfume brand rating!

Shownu posing for Moschino | 1st Look Magazine Korea
Moschino Toy 2 in Bubblegum | Moschino

Which MONSTA X member do you want to see as a perfume brand ambassador next?


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