Photo of BTS’s V and “Itaewon Class” Staff Member Is Jabbing at Everybody’s Hearts

The photo really is a masterpiece.

It was recently reported that BTS‘s V was spotted in on the set of Itaewon Class, which starred one of his closest friends, Park Seo Joon.

BTS’s V Joined The “Itaewon Class” Cast On Set For Final Taping

But what was revealed only later was the fact that V took a photo with a staff member on set that eventually went viral online in a post titled, “V took a photo with staff when visiting the set of Itaewon Class.

The photo shows V posting sweetly with the female staff, but fans couldn’t help but notice their huge height difference.

The way V towered over the staff jabbed at everybody’s hearts.

As if he didn’t look handsome enough, the height difference gave his visuals a masculine touch.

But more than anything, fans can’t get over how unrealistically handsome V looks in the photo, period.

Ahead of this incident, V drew particular attention by visiting the set of Itaewon Class to cheer on his friend, Park Seo Joon, and even taking a group photo with the staff.

He even released the OST, “Sweet Night” for Itaewon Class, which can now be streamed everywhere.

Source: Insight