Photo of Sleeping Granny in Front of a Pharmacy Goes Viral in the Midst of COVID-19 Crisis in Korea

She went there to buy masks.

In light of the coronavirus outbreak in Korea, the citizens are struggling to buy masks due to the low supply compared to the demand.

While many are having a difficult time, it’s been shown that it’s especially tricky for elders of the community.

And a photo capturing a moment that proves just that recently went viral in online communities.

The photo shows a grandmother sleeping on the ground in front of a pharmacy.

The poster of the photo explained, “The pharmacy is set to start selling masks at 8:30, but the granny said she came to line up at 5 in the morning.

They expressed their worry for the grandmother and shared just how competitive it is to buy masks.

The number of people who could buy masks were filled by 6 in the morning. I hope the weather at least gets warmer.

– Netizen

While younger consumers often use the internet to buy masks online or find out where they have masks in stock, elders are often not familiar with technology and end up having to expend their energy instead.

As such, the photo is circulating online to prove just how difficult it is, and to stress that more action is needed to increase the supply.


Source: Insight