How “Physical: 100” Contestant Miracle Is Connected To Multiple K-Pop Groups Including BTS And (G)I-DLE

Miracle got his start in Korea back in 2015!

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Netflix‘s fitness survival show Physical: 100 has gained a wide fanbase worldwide as its 100 contestants face brutal challenges of their strength and willpower.

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Several contestants have stood out in the competition, like “Grand Zaddy” Choo Sung Hoon (also known by his Japanese name Yoshihiro Akiyama)…

…the swoon-worthy Agent H

…or one of the many bad*ss female competitors.

Competitor Miracle also attracted attention for being the only black contestant on the show, winning people over with his good attitude. Born in Nigeria, Miracle (full name Miracle Nelson Chinoso) is a dancer, fitness model, and actor.

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Miracle got his start in the Korean Entertainment industry back in 2015, when he and his dance team, Pacific Starz won the K-POP WORLD FESTIVAL in CHANGWON 2015 dance competition.

The team performed BTS’s “Danger” and won the grand prize at the festival after impressing the audience and judges by fully performing the song, not just the choreography!

Following that experience, Miracle moved to South Korea in 2019 to pursue a degree in modern dance. He also expanded his body-building career, competing in local competitions.

Miracle’s dance career also grew to involve work with K-Pop idols! In 2020, Miracle appeared as a backup dancer in Dalsoobin‘s “Dive” music video and OnlyOneOf‘s “Who’s That?”

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Most recently, the multi-talented star appeared in (G)I-DLE‘s “Nxde” music video as one of the dancers surrounding Minnie during the song’s first verse.

Miracle (right top) in (G)I-DLE’s “Nxde” music video | (G)I-DLE/YouTube

While Miracle was eliminated after the Fire Of Prometheus challenge, Physical 100 is sure not to be the last time we see him!

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