“Physical: 100” Contestant “Sacrifices Himself” For Another Contestant, Creating The Ultimate K-Drama Moment

“This show makes me emotional at least once an episode.”

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Netflix‘s currently-airing fitness survival show Physical: 100 has been full of intense moments, whether fans are holding their breath to see if their favorite contestant wins a challenge or if they’re voicing their frustration at an episode ending on yet another cliffhanger.

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Fans have also been enjoying some of the shockingly K-Drama-like scenes from the show, like when Seo Ha Yan proudly chose fan-favorite Jang Eun Sil as her team captain and never wavered in her decision.

And in the latest aired episodes of the show, fans love an interaction between another fan-favorite contestant Yun Sung Bin and Kim Sik.

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Yun Sung Bin is an Olympic gold medalist in men’s skeleton Meanwhile, Kim Sik is a national team skeleton coach. So when Yun Sung Bin selected his team, it made sense that he would choose Kim Sik to compete with him.

Together the two worked hard to make it to the fourth challenge, which is actually a series of challenges inspired by ancient mythology. Each member of the team must compete in one of the events, and the winner of each event will move on to compete in the show’s final challenge.

The five challenges include “The Punishment of Atlas,” where contestants had to hold a long rock until the other three gave up.

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“The Fire of Prometheus,” where contestants raced on an obstacle course three times, eliminating one contestant each time.

“The Fire of Prometheus” | Netflix Korea/YouTube

“The Wings of Icarus,” where contestants had to continually climb up a rope until the other three gave up.

“The Wings of Icarus” | Netflix Korea/YouTube

“The Punishment of Sisyphus,” where contestants had to continually push a 100-kilogram boulder up and down a hill until the other three gave up.

“The Punishment of Sisyphus” | Netflix Korea/YouTube

And “The Tail of Ouroboros,” where the four contestants ran around a track, trying to tag the person in front of them, eliminating them, until only one remained.

“The Tail of Ouroboros” | Netflix Korea/YouTube

Although all four challenges seemed brutal, the contestants knew that they had to pick one that best suited their skill set, or they would likely be eliminated. Generally speaking, most of the contestants wanted to avoid “The Punishment of Atlas” since not only did it seem exceptionally challenging, but Strongman winner Jo Jin Hyeong was likely to win that contest.

Still, each team had to put a contestant into each challenge. When it came to Yun Sung Bin’s team, no one wanted to compete in “The Punishment of Atlas,” so they decided to do rock-paper-scissors to determine who they would send.

Yun Sung Bin: I don’t think I can do this one (“The Punishment of Atlas”). This looks really tough.

Kim Sik: Me too, anything but Atlas.

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To the surprise of everyone, since Yun Sung Bin is considered one of the fiercest competitors on the show, the gold medalist lost, meaning he would have to compete in the challenge that everyone expected Jo Jin Hyeong to win and risk being eliminated.

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But even though Kim Sik had admitted that he didn’t want to compete in the challenge, when he realized Yun Sung Bin would have to, he volunteered instead.

Yun Sung Bin: So I’ll do this?

Kim Sik: No, I’ll do it. Give it to me.

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Kim Sik admitted that he volunteered in place of Yun Sung Bin since he was his coach and believed the Olympian was the most likely one “to reach the final.”

Sung Bin did lose at rock-paper-scissors. But I’ve known him for a long time, and I’m actually his coach. If he entered that game and lost, it would be a waste of his physique. I did it because he was the most likely one on our team to reach the final.

— Kim Sik

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Still, Kim Sik didn’t lose his determination in the contest, going head-to-head with Jo Jin Hyeong for almost two hours while they held the heavy rock.

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Viewers were impressed by the coach’s gesture, which earned immense respect from fans.

Especially since he held his own in the challenge, proving just how strong he is.

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