One Of The Shortest K-Pop Idols Ever Looks Like A Skyscraper In Her Photos

She always looks stunning.

Whenever fans watch Pink Fantasy‘s Momoka perform, there’s no denying that the idol radiates impressive stage presence and takes up the stage with her charisma.

Pink Fantasy’s Momoka | 스브스케이팝 X INKIGAYO/YouTube 
| Mydoll Entertainment/YouTube 

But despite her impressive stage presence and “model” body proportions, Momoka is actually one of the shortest K-Pop idols, standing at only 151 cm (4’11.5″) tall.

| Mydoll Entertainment/YouTube 

Still, despite Momoka’s height, her shorter torso and longer legs give her the appearance of being taller than she actually is.

| @tantapic/Twitter
| @yuya72845/Twitter
| @momoka_official_pf/Instagram

In solo shots, it’s almost impossible to guess Momoka’s height accurately.

| @momoka_official_pf/Instagram
| @kpggphoto/Twitter
| @momoka_official_pf/Instagram

Although her height is especially endearing when she stands next to her members.

Pink Fantasy’s Heesun and Momoka | @youlove_0119/Twitter


Pink Fantasy’s Momoka, SeeA, and Heesun | @pinkfantasy_md/TikTok 

But there’s no denying that Momoka always looks stunning no matter what.

| @pinkfantasy_kr/Twitter

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