A Fourth-Generation Idol Shocks Netizens With Her Insane Body Proportions, Despite Being Only 158 CM

She appears much taller than she actually is!

Currently, netizens are falling head over heels for Kwon Eunbi more than ever! Her “model” body proportions give her a tall appearance, despite her surprisingly short height.

Kwon Eunbi | @silver_rain.__/Instagram

Standing at only 158 cm, she often appears as if her height is in the 160 cm range in photos.

Her long legs and comparatively shorter upper body work together to create the illusion that she’s much taller than she really is.

Additionally, her small face also makes her body look longer.

She may appear closer to her actual height when standing next to those who are taller than her…

…but when she’s further away so her height can’t be compared to others, the illusion really comes to life!

Her flawless body proportions really make all the difference!


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