Rookie Girl Group PIXY Share Their Advice For Acing A K-Pop Audition

Take it from a group that has been through it!

Rookie girl group PIXY has been making waves with their latest comeback, gaining attention for their mystical concepts. Although the group only recently debuted, the members have all worked through the K-Pop system, putting in long hours as trainees. 

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In a recent interview, the members gave advice to those wanting to audition for a K-Pop company in the future!

Leader Ella explained how she had always been interested in singing and made sure to focus on picking a song that emphasized her strengths as a vocalist.

I think it’s more important to keep your charm alive than to imitate someone.

— Ella

SatByeol and Lola also focused their advice on the importance of song choice. SatByeol also described the other things the judges are looking for, such as personality and talents.

You have to choose a song that suits you so that you can appeal well. And personal talent is a must! If you prepare a personal talent and show it at the audition, it will help you pass.

— SatByeol

On the other hand, Sua‘s advice focused more on the performance side and how to ensure that you are noticed by the people watching you.

I think it would be great if you could never avoid the judges’ eyes and show them confidence.

— Sua

Both Dia and maknae Dajeong remembered how important the whole audition is. Dajeong explained that, although you might be nervous, that is is vital never to be afraid to show your charm even if things go wrong.

Dia emphasized that there isn’t one part that should be focused on more, including the beginning and end of the day.

I think it would be nice if the audition started and ended differently. I think you should be polite in your first greeting, but when the audition starts, you should be able to attract the judges with the best talent.

— Dia

With stories of how daunting and nerve-wracking K-Pop auditions can be, with advice from idols who have been through it, hopefully, it shouldn’t seem too scary!

You can watch the whole interview below.

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