Popular Author Turns ITZY’s Ryujin Into A K-Drama Character, And She Loved It

Ryujin enjoyed the author’s ideas for her perfect role.

If you ever wondered what kind of role ITZY‘s Ryujin would play in a drama, a popular author lent a hand to give everyone an idea.


When the group appeared on MMTG, Jae Jae highlighted one of Ryujin’s scenes from a performance that caused an interesting fan comment. The MIDZY said, “She’s like the cool guy in a rom-com where he rides his motorcycle to go save his girlfriend.

To check if it were true, Jae Jae contacted a “rom-com master” to turn Ryujin into the K-Drama character that would suit her best.

The master turned out to be internet novel writer Guiyeoni, who Yeji was a fan of when she was younger. In fact, Guiyeoni is so well-known that her internet novels took Korea by storm and inspired multiple K-Dramas.

With Ryujin in mind, Guiyeoni shared the role that would be perfect for the idol. The writer began with, “Something pretty. [Someone] who’s wild and good at fighting, where she’s popular but people think she’s hard to be around.

Making everyone laugh, Guiyeoni dived into how Ryujin’s character would handle falling in love.

But then when you get to know her, she has a really soft side to her. So then she falls in love…

She’s the kind of character that’s tender with love. That’s what she’d go well with.

— Guiyeoni

The fan and Guiyeoni were spot-on. Ryujin looks like a total badass that would come to save the day but also treat you with a gentleness that would melt your heart.

Guiyeoni truly captured Ryujin’s stage presence into the perfect K-Drama role. See the popular author impress the group with her skills here.