Post Malone and IU Revealed to Be Following Each Other on Instagram

The interaction first began last October!

IU recently followed Post Malone back, and the news gaining overwhelming attention in online communities.

Post Malone first got his name out through Kanye West‘s album in 2016.

After that, Post Malone worked with many talented artists to become the chart-topping star that he is today.

According to online communities, Post Malone first followed IU on Instagram last October.

And today, IU finally took notice and decided to follow him right back.

This interaction is gaining a lot of attention because while IU is a huge star in Korea, Post Malone is one of the most popular American artists out right now.

IU fans are responding to his interaction with comments such as “Two huge stars have met”, “The two geniuses are following each other now“, and “That’s so cool“.

Source: Insight