Photos of Parents During “Produce X 101” Resurface in Light of Recent Controversy

The parents’ efforts might have been in vain.

In light of PD Ahn Joon Young‘s confession that he manipulated the final rankings of the two most recent seasons of the Produce series, past photos of parents promoting their children during Produce X 101 have resurfaced in online communities.


The photos show a father of a Produce X 101 contestant holding up a sign on a hot summer day…


As well as a grandmother handing out cards promoting her grandson.


One parent handed out detailed promotional flyers…


While the mother of another contestant handed out wet wipes with her son’s photo on them.


Kim Taewoo’s mother handed out wet wipes… Please cheer him on. I’m so touched. When she said this was her son, wow…

– Netizen

But despite the family’s heartwarming efforts, the contestants were disqualified from the show.


The parents of Kim Yongjin from Produce X 101 were handing out flyers in front of our school. And they were getting hit my the rain…

They were handing out flyers asking the students to vote for him… So sad…

– Netizens

Although the details of who was wrongfully disqualified are unknown, the efforts parents made during the show have resurfaced because it now appears that the hard work might have unfortunately been in vain.

Source: Insight
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