Professional K-Pop Lyricists Detail How Much Work Goes Into Writing The Perfect Lyrics

And they discussed why lyrics are important too!

If you ever come across someone who thinks writing lyrics is easy, you should tell them to think again! Sitting down with AYO for Comment Defenders, Kim Soo Bin and Lee Hee Joo from the writing team Danke discussed everything from the idol lyricists to revealing all the work that fans don’t see during the process of creating lyrics.

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Kim Soo Bin | AYO/YouTube

Kim Soo Bin and Lee Hee Joo have worked on many iconic songs, having written lyrics for BTS Jimin‘s “Filter”, ITZY‘s “Surf”, TXT‘s “20cm”, “New Rules”, and “Eternally”, and many more.

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Reading through the comments, however, they came upon one negative comment asking how important lyrics really are and questioning why lyricists receive royalties for their work.

Reading the comment, Lee Hee Joo and Kim Soo Bin immediately stepped in to set things straight and talk about all the work that goes on behind the scenes. Lyrics themselves often aren’t written to be released as a song, rather a lot of lyricists write for a specific song and only the best lyrics will get picked to be released.

This means that there are a lot of lyrics that writers work on that never get chosen! “There are a lot more songs that weren’t chosen so the actual amount of work is much more than you think. We don’t get it for nothing at all,” Hee Joo stated.

Additionally, they debunked the commenter’s thought that lyrics aren’t important. As Soo Bin explained, “Writing lyrics show more good parts of the song and covers the weakness.”

Furthermore, as Hee Joo added, one important role of lyrics is to help draw attention to your favorite idols!

Writing the lyrics for your favorite songs is a lot more complicated than first meets the eye!

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