Proof That Oh My Girl Is The Most Popular Group Among Other Idols

Oh My Girl seems to have caught the eye of many female idols with their fun songs and cute personality.

While most girl groups are extremely loved by males, Oh My Girl seems to be the ultimate girl crush for many female idols in the industry. The girls have often been supported by other girl groups such as GFRIEND and TWICE, and have been acknowledged by artists such as IU.

Here are 5 instances that demonstrate Oh My Girl’s popularity with female idols!


In a recent interview, IU explained that her favorite girl group at the moment was Oh My Girl, due to their individuality. The idol also sang a small part of the group’s song “Coloring Book”!

” I like Oh my girl because each member has so much individuality”

– IU

요즘 눈에 들어오는 걸그룹은 오마이걸 이다. 그 이유는 멤버들이 개성있게 예뻐서.

— 아이유 쓸데없는 정보 봇 (@iu_unusefulinfo) April 20, 2017



BlACKPINK’s Rose and Jisoo were seen fangirling over Oh My Girl’s single “Coloring Book” as the two did a cute redemption of the song.

EXID’s Hani

It’s no secret that EXID’s Hani is a big fan of Oh My Girl, especially fellow member Arin. During a live broadcast, Hani was seen fangirling over Arin’s photocard as it contained a special message.


It is known amongst the K-pop community that Oh My Girl’s biggest fans is none other than the girls of TWICE. During the 2017 Idol Star Athletics Championships, the girls of TWICE were seen jamming out to Oh My Girl’s “Windy Day” in support for the girls.


Not to be left behind in their fangirling, the girls of GFRIEND were also spotted dancing along to Oh My Girl’s “Windy Day” during the same event. Both TWICE and GFRIEND are known for being really close to OH My Girl.

It appears that Oh My Girl is most beloved by their female comrades.

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