Rain, Cha Eunwoo, Lee Seung Gi And More Open Up About Their Failures On “Master Of The House”

Even the biggest stars have their moments.

On the March 7 broadcast of SBS’s Master in the HouseTak Jae Hoon and Lee Sang Min began planning for their “Failure Festival.” On this show, the cast spends two days and one night together with “Masters,” who are reputable figures in various fields or professions, and get to know about their lives.

When the cast found out the masters were Tak Jae Hoon and Lee Sang Min, the cast joked, “Are we filming for ‘My Ugly Duckling’ today?” and, “The quality is different from the masters we’ve met until now.” Lee Sang Min asked, “Are you learning the bitter taste of life today?

Lee Sang Min proceeded to promote their idea for a “Failure Festival,” explaining that they should praise each other’s failures. Sang Min started by revealing that he had failed a total of 77 times. ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo commented, “Why did you get scammed so much?

Lee Sang Min | SBS

He further explained that “When you fail at a business, you become a conman, and if you succeed, you become a boss.” Sung Min stated that even though he was a boss at one point, he was called a scammer immediately when his business failed. He shared his opinion that failure is an end of something, not a hardship, because if failure is a hardship, then you’re still running towards success.

Tak Jae Hoon | SBS


When Cha Eunwoo asked why Tak Jae Hoon failed at his marriage, Lee Sang Min said that Jae Hoon thought his wife was rich. Tak Jae Hoon clarified that money wasn’t the issue, as, at the time, he was making a lot of money too. Meanwhile, Cha Eunwoo wrote that he had failed four times in his life.

During my trainee days, I heard, ‘You’re so bad. Why are you here if you’re going to do it like that.’

—Cha Eunwoo


Cha Eunwoo

Actor Lee Seung Gi mentioned that he wanted to discuss a failure that everyone knew about (which the cast thought would be about his past relationship).

This is a failure I can’t go back and change. I wasn’t trying to get into the Special Forces. Many people thought I volunteered, but that’s not the case.

—Lee Seung Gi


Lee Seung Gi | SBS

He shared that he thinks the military might have put him in the Special Forces since Descendants of the Sun was rising in popularity at the time as that would make the K-Drama into a reality. The cast members were trying hard to hold back their laughter.

Ji Seok Jin | @jeeseokjin/Instagram

To gather more people for the “Failure Festival,” they began calling celebrities that they knew. Lee Sang Min called Ji Seok Jin. Ji Seok Jin confessed to many failures in stock investing, saying that he would often put all of his money into one thing instead of spreading it out. He also revealed the time he bought 40 fake crocodile skin wallets and gifted one to Yoo Jae Seok. Seok Jin ended by saying that failure is a friend who is always by his side.

Rain | @rain_oppa/Instagram


Finally, Tak Jae Hoon made a phone call to Rain. The cast commented that Rain had already succeeded, but Rain disagreed.

My most recent failure was my film. These days, I actually don’t ride my bicycle. I sold all the ones I owned. Success is the result of numerous failures.


Source: Sports Chosun


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