Rain Confesses He Feels His Career As A Singer Is Almost Over

Rain revealed that he feels like he has almost passed his prime and will soon end his career has a dancing singer.

Rain recently attended Viral Fest Asia 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand, and prior to his performance, he talked about where he is currently headed in his career.

He mentioned that his career as a dancing singer is almost at its end and, because of this, he wants to give back to his fans with an even better song than before.

Rain compared his career as a dancing singer to that of a professional athlete.

“Just like an athlete, dancing singers reach their prime at some point in their careers. Personally, I feel that I don’t want to dance anymore once my body starts slowing down, when it can’t follow the beat of the music.

But in my next album, I want to be able to show a dance that the younger singers can’t keep up with. I think I can show off this side of myself 1 or 2 more times.”

— Rain

Moving on to his acting career, he mentioned that his upcoming movie Uhm Bok Dong is currently around 40% complete and will be released in August. Rain may also appear in a drama in the second half of 2017, but he is as yet undecided.

“If I end up accepting the drama offer I got, my new album would probably be released in December. If I don’t accept it, the album will be out in November.”

— Rain

Source: Star News [1] and [2]