Rapper Don Malik Claims His Past #metoo Confession Was False, His Agency Forced Him To Lie About His Sexual Assault

“The truth will be revealed.”

Rapper Don Malik is calling out two women who he says led him to make a false #MeToo confession. At the end of February, the rapper confessed to sexually assaulting an underage fan. Soon after, Daze Alive apologized to fans and announced that Don Malik was no longer a member of the record label.


Now the rapper wants to set the record straight about what really happened with those who have been accusing him of sexual assault. He first spoke about his experiences with one of the women accusing him.

“One of the women described what we had on Twitter as though I forced her to have sex and, because of that, she said she felt depressed after that. She is saying this even after telling me that our relationship was good.”  Don Malik


He also talked about his experience with the second woman.

“I knew she was a fan and invited her over. She stayed at my house for two nights and three days. Now she is saying that I forced her to stay with me.”  Don Malik


And he firmly believes their relationships were normal and that both women gave their consent before any sexual relations happened.

“I know both women gave consent and we had a normal sexual relationship.” — Don Malik


But the most surprising thing about his new statement is that he was forced to admit to sexual assault by his company.

“I’ve been forced to admit to sexual harassment at the request of my label. I felt threatened and frightened at the time because it happened so abruptly, so I reluctantly admitted to sexual abuse.” — Don Malik


Because he feels like he was forced to confess because of their accusations, he is taking action. Not only did he apologize for causing trouble but he also voiced his intention to sue the two women.

“I have been stigmatized as a sex offender by the whole country and my life and music career have suffered. I can no longer remain a sex offender, so I plan to sue the two women for defamation caused by the false disclosure of the truth about the incident. I apologize for having caused so much trouble and for disappointing my fans and acquaintances who trusted me.” — Don Malik


Here is Don Malik’s official statement in full.

“Hello. It’s Don Malik.

I would like to tell you the truth about a recent post by two women on Twitter.  One woman spoke about the sex we had together and used negative expressions such as, ‘I was forced to have sex’ and ‘I felt depressed after this relationship.’ However, we are the same age and had normal sex by mutual consent. In the text conversation we had together later, she said our relationship was good. She even praised me for my experience. It is a shameful and private conversation, but I feel forced to disclose it to reveal the truth. 

The second woman also revealed our private affairs on Twitter. She stayed with me at my home for two nights and three days. Then she later wrote, ‘I was sexually and emotionally abused.’ She only became intimate with me, however, after she gave consent. She even texted me later and told me our relationship was good.

So, although both of these women had sex with me or had skinship with me in a normal manner, they then turned around and forced me to publish the above articles as a joke, forcing me to twist the facts into a false confession.

As a result, I was branded as a sexual offender by the entire nation and I face not only the end of my music career but also social stigmatization. In particular, right after the first Twitter disclosure, I was forced to admit to sexual harassment at the request of my label, but I was terrified at the time because it happened so quickly and I didn’t know what else to do.

As a result, I can no longer remain labeled as a malicious person and sex offender and, to reveal the truth, I recently began preparations to sue both women for defamation. I apologize for having caused so much trouble, irrespective of the reason. And I apologize for being a disappointment to my fans and acquaintances who trusted me.

Please believe me and wait a little longer. I will continue this investigation and the truth will be revealed.”

 Don Malik

Source: Newsen and dongA

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