Famous Rapper Says He’s Miserable Because He Looks like an Old Version of Lee Seung Gi

They’re actually the same age.

On a recent episode of tvN’s Amazing Saturday, Park Na Rae told rapper, Nucksal to lift up his long hair.

In response, Nucksal confessed, “If I cut this off, no one will recognize me. No one.

When Shin Dong Yup heard this, he took a good hard look at him and joked, “With short hair, he kind of looks like an old version of Lee Seung Gi.

Nucksal acknowledged it and lifted up his hair, and the result looked so similar to Lee Seung Gi that everyone burst into laughter.


As if that wasn’t funny enough, Nucksal added, “And get this. I haven’t met Lee Seung Gi in person, but if he was born in 1987, we’re the same age, and if he was born in 1986, he’s one year older than me.

Lee Seung Gi was born in 1987, making him the same age as Nuksal, his older-looking doppelganger.


Source: Dispatch

Lee Seung Gi