The Reason Why BTS’s RM Doesn’t Listen To His Music Has Everything To Do With His Fans

RM also said he sincerely hoped ARMYs would enjoy the album.

BTS‘s RM previewed the songs and artists featured on his debut studio album, Indigo, on the TongTongCulture YouTube channel. He described each track in detail and explained the meaning behind the album’s title.

The tracklist for Indigo | @rkive/Instagram

RM summarized how he felt about the album and perhaps music as a whole:

In the first track, ‘Yun’ (featuring Erykah Badu), there’s this line that goes: ‘I wanna be a human before I do some art.’ Like a drawing, it’s human(s) who make music. What matters is the life, narratives, ideas, and wills the musician has. It’s more than ‘nice music’ and ‘nice song.’ I think ‘who’ is the most important question. Please understand Indigo as the results of my ideas and wills.

BTS’s RM | TongTongCulture/YouTube

The rapper continued by saying that he doesn’t listen to his music after he releases it since it is for the listeners to add their interpretations and sentiments.

Lastly, RM said that he didn’t make Indigo to teach life lessons. Instead, he hoped ARMYs, BTS’s official fandom, would enjoy listening to the album and find at least one song that suited their taste.

Watch the full interview below. RM summarizes his thoughts on Indigo at the 8:05 mark.


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