Red Velvet’s Irene Chats up Her Fans at the Idol Star Athletics Championships

Her fans told her something shocking.

On January 7, the recording of MBC’s 2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships took place in Incheon, Korea.

On this day, the stadium was filled with fans and Irene was seen discretely taking care of her fans.

During her break, she headed over to where Red Velvet‘s fan club was gathered.

As soon as Irene approached, the fans said they arrived at 1 a.m. and waited since then.

Irene was shocked by this news and even told her fellow members about it.

It could be obviously seen in Irene’s face that she was truly concerned for her fans.

Fans who saw this were touched by Irene’s tender heart and made favorable comments:

“Bae Sweet… She must have been angry that they waited since 1 a.m…. But she hid her feelings just for her fans… Look at how she keeps saying goodbye…”

“It hurts to wave just for a short while, but look at how she keeps waving until the end. Irene is so sweet…”

Watch the footage of sweet Irene talking to her fans below:

Source: Insight

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