Red Velvet’s Irene Goes Viral For Her Jaw-Dropping Visuals During “R to V” Concert

“It’s as if she was sculpted to perfection.”

Korean netizens had nothing but words of praise and admiration for Red Velvet Irene‘s appearance at the group’s 4th concert in Seoul R to V. The group recently held a two-day concert in Seoul and was able to greet and excite fans with many incredible performances.

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Ever since her debut in 2014, Irene’s beauty has been recognized worldwide, but especially in South Korea. Almost nine years later, Red Velvet’s leader is still considered one of the top visuals among all idols regardless of the generation.

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Her numerous talents have added even more reason for people to fall in love with Irene, as she can do everything an idol is supposed to and more.  Aside from being the leader and the main visual, Irene is also known as the group’s main rapper, lead dancer, vocalist, and face of the group. Throughout the years she has been able to showcase her skills in all of these categories through different Red Velvet comebacks, but also through her debut as part of Red Velvet’s first and only unit, Red Velvet – Irene & Seulgi. Talk about being the whole package!

While Korean netizens are already used to Irene’s jaw-dropping visuals making a cameo worth multiple conversations in almost every event Red Velvet attend, the idol is so gorgeous she never fails to surprise them.

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This time too, following Red Velvet’s R to V concert, social media exploded with fans expressing how shocked they were at Irene’s IRL beauty.

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A post uploaded on popular community site Pann Nate received a lot of attention this past weekend, garnering over 238,500 views. The uploader had only included one picture of Irene taken during the concert, but just that was more than enough to get thousands of people talking about her beauty.

The picture was taken during Red Velvet’s opening set of the concert, in which the girls are wearing mesmerizing pink dresses that made them look like princesses straight out of a fairy tale.

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Stunned by Irene’s beauty, the comments were full of surprise and shock. One netizen even noted that the dress combined with Irene’s bun hairdo makes the idol look like Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell.

With her hair like that, she looks like Tinker Bell. She’s gorgeous… Who’d believe that she’s 30 years old? LMAO.

— Korean Netizen


Another netizen pointed out how the picture posted isn’t even professionally taken. It technically isn’t even a photo! The uploader of the picture simply paused one of the videos they took during the performance and snapped a screenshot of Irene, this surprised netizens even more with someone saying “she literally looks photoshopped.”

  • “I clicked this thinking, ‘Of course, she’s going to be pretty.’ But she’s f*cking gorgeous. LOL. I totally get why she’s still considered one of the prettiest idols out there.”
  • “TBH, I was blown away by her visuals as soon as I clicked this post… Her face is a K-Pop legend. The more I look at it, the more I believe. Haha.”
  • “It looks like these are raw screenshots from a video without any filters or edits… But they look like fansite edits. She literally looks photoshopped. LMAO. She’s gorgeous, no doubt about it.”
  • “From her brows to lips, she’s f*cking perfect in all the features. It’s as if she was sculpted to perfection. Like a porcelain doll.”
  • “I was SHOOKETH. How is she this f*cking beautiful? LOL.”
Source: PANN

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