Red Velvet’s Irene Is Going Viral For Looking Like An Anime Character

Add this to the long list of things Irene’s gone viral for!

As one of the most popular female idols in the K-Pop industry, Red Velvet‘s Irene has gone viral for a variety of things. In fact, some of the reasons the Internet has rewarded the K-Pop star with thousands of likes, retweets, and shares are things that every other human does! But, obviously, even sneezing is viral-worthy if Irene does it. This time, however, the Red Velvet leader has wowed netizens in South Korea, Japan, as well as everywhere else in the world with her insanely Anime-like visuals.

Red Velvet are currently traveling all over the world as part of their R to V world tour. The members recently held two shows in Yokohama, Japan, where they entertained Japanese ReVeluvs to no end. Other than some incredible performances that demonstrated the girls’ real vocal and dancing skills, their visuals also left a long-lasting impression on everyone present at their show. In particular, it was Irene who, once again, left the internet breathless with her unbelievable beauty.

Fans just couldn’t stop talking about how much the idol looked like a real-life Anime character!

While the outfits for every show of the tour are the same, the Red Velvet members make sure to always put their own twist on their looks by changing their hairstyles and makeup. For example, Irene sometimes chooses to let her hair down for one concert and a messy bun on another, and other times she chooses a high ponytail as well!

| @preciousrenebae/Twitter
| @Midsummer0011/Twitter

For the most recent Japan concert, the Red Velvet star decided to cutely style her hair in two high ponies, which only increased her resemblance to an anime character. The ponytails were held in place by two adorable ribbon-like hair ties, and bangs adorned the idol’s jaw-dropping face. Another very important talking point was Irene’s makeup. Aside from the cute blush, lipstick, and eye makeup, glitter stickers covered her cheekbones with an adorable My Melody design standing out among others.

In a video recorded by a fan attending the concert, Irene goes over every part of her look as the camera closes in on her, and the venue erupts into some of the loudest cheers possible.

The more pictures and clips were posted online by fans, the more everyone started pointing out how much the idol looked like she came out of an Anime. But the peak of the entire conversation was hit once Seulgi uploaded two selfies together with Irene on DearU Bubble. Both members looked beyond gorgeous in the pictures, as they always do, but something about the shots just screamed Anime characters.

| DearU Bubble
| DearU Bubble

A post pointing out the resemblance received more than 14,000 retweets and 15,000 likes on Twitter. More than one thousand quotes agreed with the Twitter user who stated that Irene looked “more 2D character than a 2D” character.

Many others posted about the star looking like she was cosplaying as well!

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