Red Velvet’s Irene Exposes Her Hair Without Hairpiece

She had us fooled!

Irene of Red Velvet may often be seen sporting thick, luscious bangs on stage…but according to her, they’re not what they seem.

Instead, she often uses a hairpiece on stage to create the illusion of a fuller fringe.

Her true bangs are thin and cut into a style called “onion bangs” by her stylist.

This allows her to have a cute trendy look without committing to cutting all her bangs.


Notice how they’re so thin they can almost blend into her hair as if they don’t exist. Only the wind will pick them up!

Irene received praise from Netizens for being able to make such a hairstyle look nice.

  • So cute.. The only person who actually looks beautiful with choppy bangs I’ve seen so far..
  • How could she still manages to look beautiful even with those bangsㅠㅠ
  • She looks pretty no matter what she does.. As expected from God-Irene..

Irene without the hairpiece is striking…

…and she’s still just as cute with it!

What do you think of Irene’s onion bangs and would you ever try them yourself? Or would you rather stick to a classic, fuller fringe like this?

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Source: Pannative

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