Here’s What Red Velvet’s Irene Does To Her Members Whenever She’s Drunk

Yeri exposed Irene’s drunk habit.

Red Velvet‘s Irene and Seulgi, who recently came back as a sub-unit, appeared on Yeri’s Room and exposed some secrets that all fans were probably itching to find out.


The topic that gained the most attention was Yeri‘s question to Irene.

What’s Irene’s drunk habit?

– Yeri

The question surprised Irene, and she tilted her head as if she couldn’t think of one in particular.

My drunk habit?

– Irene

But Yeri refused to let the question go unanswered and exposed Irene’s drunk habit herself.

Whenever you drink, you send us selfies!

– Yeri


In response, Irene burst into laughter, and Seulgi confirmed that it is indeed true.

She does it all of a sudden.

– Seulgi

When Irene didn’t say anything to deny or confirm the claim, Yeri jokingly threatened, “Should I show everybody your selfies?


Some of the fans’ responses to Irene’s adorable drunk habit include “I’m so jealous of her members“, “Can I participate?“, and “The drunk habit is just as cute as Irene“.


On that note, check out some gorgeous selfies taken by Irene below:

Source: Dispatch

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