Red Velvet’s Irene Received A “Baechu” Bouquet And Couldn’t Resist Having Some Fun With It

A baechu bouquet for everyone’s favorite baechu!

Red Velvet absolutely dazzled during their two day La Rouge concert experience in Seoul. Their flawless and powerful performances, sweet and funny ments, and amazing interactions combined into an all-around perfect concert!


To celebrate their awesome concert and cheer them on, Red Velvet received a number of bouquets from fans and friends including one very unique bouquet that not only had fans smiling wide but had Irene grinning big too!


What kind of bouquet could make everyone smile so big, you ask? A cabbage flower bouquet! In other words, everyone’s favorite baechu received a baechu flower bouquet!

One of Irene’s nicknames 배추 (baechu), which comes from a play on Irene’s last name Bae, means Nappa cabbage!


Irene recently dropped an Instagram story showing her exact reaction to receiving the unique flower arrangement. In the clip, Irene struck some fun poses with her bouquet…


Before strutting down the hallway like it was her own personal catwalk!


Making the gift even cuter, some eagle-eyed ReVeluvs realized that the huge arrangement came with a tag that read, “You are the best among cabbages!”


ReVeluvs are definitely loving this unique gift and think it’s absolutely perfect!


This actually isn’t the first time that Irene has been gifted with a really unique and special gift. Previously she was given a soju cap bouquet from Hite Jinro in celebration of “Rose Day.”


But this latest bouquet is simply pure baechu goodness!

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